TruKKer is India’s first inter-city truck aggregator. TruKKer has commenced operations for full truck loads across the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor with plans to expand into additional markets soon.

TruKKer provides reliable, trustworthy and transparent services to all its Shippers through verified and technology enabled transporters. Every member truck and driver in our network is equipped with the TruKKer mobile app to provide Shippers with real-time shipment tracking, status updates, and on-time deliveries. In case of unavailability of a member truck, TruKKer will access the entire market to provide Shippers with a suitable truck to ensure that our Shippers have a single interface with TruKKer for all their trucking needs.


Simple & hassle free

Post a load in seconds via website or phone. TruKKer searches its giant network of transporters and promptly provides competitive quotes online. As soon as the Shipper confirms the quote, TruKKer sends him details of the Transporter. Reduced number of phone calls and no haggling over price.


TruKKer takes note of the Shipper’s requirements and coordinates with the confirmed Transporter. Member Trucks are background verified, reliable and provide professional service. Any service issue is addressed promptly by TruKKer with minimum inconvenience to the Shipper.


Shippers enjoy complete transparency - including a detailed component wise breakdown of the TruKKer quote. Shippers receive details of the member truck and its driver in advance of shipment pick up. Shippers can track their shipment in real time and receive exception notifications, if any.

I AM A shipper

I need access to trucks regularly and on short notice at a fair price. I want reliability of service and want to know the location and status of my shipments without constant phone calls.

I AM A Transporter

I want to improve my income. I’m looking for more loads and continuous business with certainty at fair pricing and regular payment. I want safe and good working conditions with respect for a good job done.

our team

Gaurav Biswas

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Gaurav Biswas is a delivery and execution champion with experience of delivering in excess of US$ 5.5B of real estate projects across the UK, US & Middle East. Gaurav has successfully managed multidisciplinary teams of up to 450 people spread across the world for delivery of mega projects. He brings organizational and professional standards with 12 years of experience with large multinational consultants including AECOM and Arup. His focus, leadership and execution skills got him recognized as a director very young in a very professional industry. Gaurav brings the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to TruKKer’s core value proposition and is the binding force for this very high energy team. An MBA from SP Jain Centre of Management, Gaurav has an MSc from the University of Dundee and completed his B.E. in Construction Tech from CEPT, Ahmedabad.

Pradeep M

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Pradeep is a techie who 'walks his talk'. Technically proficient is the first impression you get. An affable and good team leader; motivating, approachable and ready with quick solutions. A leader who leads from the front and pitches in wherever necessary. Having over 14+ years of extensive experience in running an IT company dealing with large Enterprises both in India and abroad. His Client Centric approach has helped in building excellent relationships with the clients both professionally and personally.

Sumana Ray

Chief Financial Officer

Sumana has over 20 years of experience in the banking and capital markets. She has been part of two startups in the research and analytics space in the past with experience in building teams and growing businesses with demanding clients.  Sumana is a problem solver with a can do attitude and a great people person to boot. Before joining Trukker, Sumana was an independent consultant for five years where she has collaborated with PE and VC firms to help formulate investment strategy. Her vast understanding of different business and sectors has made her a successful consultant to corporate M&A and strategy groups.

Sumana has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and completed her MBA from IIM Calcutta. In Trukker, Sumana is a key entity with resepct to financial planning and management.


Amit Goenka


Amit Goenka is the Managing Director & CEO  at NiFCO, a real estate focused PE, and brings nearly 16 years of top tier multinational experience in investment banking, direct investments, and strategy. He specializes in structured Finance, valuations and mergers & acquisitions within the Real Estate sector.

He has led transactions valued at over USD 5 B spread across Asia, Africa, and Europe in diversified sectors including real estate and hospitality. Mr. Goenka was the Founder MD & CEO of Essel Finance, part of the USD 7 billion ZEE TV Group, that managed a real estate domestic fund portfolio apart from a PMS and offshore fund. Prior to that, he was the National Director- Capital Transactions for Knight Frank India. Amit is part of the think tank at TruKKer supporting business development, funding and execution strategy.

Prof G Raghuram

Professor, IIM Ahmedabad

Professor and ex Dean at IIM Ahmedabad, Professor Raghuram has been at IIMA since 1985. The leading expert on the Indian logistics industry, Professor Raghuram has graciously consented to be on our Board of Advisors after recognizing the team’s enthusiasm and strong execution capabilities. His valuable inputs on the Indian trucking industry and its various problem areas are key to our ability to build practical solutions that are realistic and target the core issues.

He specializes in infrastructure and transport systems and logistics and supply chain management. He conducts research on the railway, port, shipping, aviation and road sectors. He has published over 30 refereed papers in journals and written over 150 case studies. He is currently publishing his sixth coauthored book. He was awarded (i) ‘Academician of the Year’ by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in 2012 and (ii) ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for contribution to logistics and infrastructure by EXIM News in 2014.

Mr. Mukesh Dave

Owner, Cargo Escorts

Mr Mukesh Dave owns and operates a medium sized very professionally managed transportation business.

He is an industry veteran and expert speaker at numerous trade events with a fantastic network within the all India transportation industry. Mr Dave strongly believes in TruKKer’s core value proposition of convenience and reliability to the customer and the need for a better life and respect for the driver. As a transporter himself, he has implemented best practices for the convenience of his customers and welfare of his drivers for a long time. Mr Dave is a strategic advisor to TruKKer.

Our Leadership

Sanjay K Biswas

Vice President, Marketing

Sanjay K Biswas has had a long stint industrial marketing in corporates like GRASIM Industries Ltd. (An Aditya Birla Enterprise) and also Medium and Small Scale Industries at top management levels across several sectors. As a Director in a logistics and custom house clearing agent (CHA) company for over seven years, has an in-depth understanding of the logistics business, operational issues and paper work related complications of inter- state goods movement. Sanjay leads Trukker’s market intelligence and customer acquisition team.

Krishnaiah Mallavarapu

Vice President, Technology

Mr. Krishnaiah is a technocrat at heart with a passion for technology and its possibilities. Krishnaiah is a post graduate engineer (M.Tech., NIT) with over 35 years of IT experience. Before joining TruKKer, he has been the Promoter & Director of Flexiware Solutions Pvt Ltd, a software development, and IT consultancy organization.

B.N. Gupta

Advisor, Transport Operations

Mr. B.N. Gupta is a transportation industry veteran. During his 40 years in the inter-city road transportation sector, he has held very senior positions, the latest being the regional head of TCI, India’s largest transportation company.

Mr. Gupta has been cited and published at various industry conferences and has a deep understanding of the transport business fundamentals. Mr. Gupta’s continuous drive brings him to TruKKer where he is optimistic about making a fundamental a positive impact on how the industry operates. Based out of Ahmedabad, he has a key role in TruKKer’s operations.

Mallikarjuna Rao

Director, Technology

A Dynamic person, Mr. Rao brings with him a passion for technology and the enthusiasm to match. His presence in any team bolsters the drive to emerge with nothing but the best.

He is responsible in leading programming team to deliver and manage the back- algorithm of the TruKKer mobile and online platforms. An engineering graduate with over 20 years of experience in the software industry, he has undertaken projects from a wide array of domains like textile, automotive, engineering, many leading companies in the process.

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